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ABB: in industrial automation innovation to improve production efficiency
The release date:2012-02-15 23:19


In the development of the world economy is facing transition today, enterprise how to use existing technology to achieve energy efficiency? How to use more renewable energy, continuously create competitive advantage in the increasingly fierce competition in the market? Recently held in Beijing, the theme of "energy efficiency and renewable energy -- ABB Automation World" in the activity, the ABB group has brought 74 pieces (sets) of exhibits, including electric vehicle fast chargingtechnology, demonstration, robotic assembly automation system control demo, railwayspecial traction inverter, solar inverter and other new products.

ABB group chief executive officer Hao Kun told reporters, at present ABB group produced in China, market research and provide services to support the product and service, 85% to 90% can be achieved global supply. In terms of support for the customer, not only in China market can also provide products, technical support in the world, provide them with the needed supply chain service for customers. For example,the advanced technology of ABB in wind, solar and other renewable energy field has been effectively applied in China. ABB is not only involved in the generation of the Three Gorges project, but also the use of HVDC technology involved in transmission line construction. ABB800 kV HVDC technology support Xiangjiaba - Shanghai 800000 volt high-voltage DC transmission line construction, each year will be 6400 MW hydroelectric spanning more than 2000 kilometers transported to Shanghai.Compared with the conventional technology, the annual electricity UHVDC technology to help save the line can meet the electricity needs of 1000000 families.

According to Hao Kun introduction, ABB group in 2011 first quarter growth is very strong, in the Asian market order sales growth of 39%, in order China market sales grew 70% in one. In spite of the America market orders growth is 71%, but USA growth mainly from the end of 2010 the acquisition of American Baldor Electric Company,excluded because of M & a growth, growth America market business only 20%. As can be seen, ABB in Chinese market the most robust growth, and are the mostsustainable. From the power demand in 2035, Chinese occupy a major proportion ofglobal power demand, China will account for 40% of global incremental. Therefore, to promote the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency of Chineseeconomic development in the future is very important. Hao Kun said, ABB will supportChinese energy efficiency and renewable energy development.

In the industrial automation innovation to improve energy efficiency is the core competitiveness of the ABB in the industrial field. Haokun proposed, 88% executivesagree that energy efficiency will become the key factor of manufacturing profits, ABB in power and reducing energy consumption can play an important role in the world. He said one example, an enterprise in Mexico by using ABB technology, changes thetransmission system, replace the air valve control two fixed speed wind turbine, the annual energy saving 5300000000000000 kwh, saving the cost of $260000, the investment return period is only 6 months. ABB is the French Ansai Arcelor MittalSteel developed 53 energy-saving solutions, the energy saving potential of about $14000000 a year, including saving $8000000 natural gas costs, save $6000000 inelectricity costs.

Speaking of the ABB development strategy in 2011 Chinese deployment, Hao Kun said, ABB has been in Chinese development for many years, we believe that themarket is of great significance China. ABB will be in the China constantly improve thetechnology, to achieve "in China, as Chinese" strategy. In 2011 ABB acquired someimportant orders in Chinese. For example, nearly $300000000 worth of Jinping -South of Jiangsu 800kV UHV DC transmission project order. In addition, we alsoprovide for Huatai Paper saving automation solutions, ABB provides multipletransmission control system for customers, which is the solution to a high performance, energy saving. We see the growth of industrial demand is very strong,not only in the Chinese, including the emerging markets are so. Electric power business belongs to the long period of business, we expect a gradual recovery in the first half of the transmission business will be this year. Long term dynamic ABBbusiness growth including energy efficiency, power grid stability, new energy needs,these needs are more than ever stronger. "We have Chinese as a to developproducts, the development of technology, to meet the market demand and the globalChina. We hope to be able to help China enterprises develop energy efficiency,automation technology better, also can support them in achieving their export business growth."

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